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Online therapists who can legally practise in Canada

Mental health practitioners are licensed by province. If your province has licensing  (Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick) it is illegal for someone who does not belong to the appropriate college to provide you with mental health services that are covered by the legislation. If there is no licensing where you live, you can choose any of the psychotherapists and counsellors below so long as their insurance covers your province.

More therapists will be added as they send their information.



Beth Mares Registered Psychotherapist is based in Toronto and has maintained a private practice in psychotherapy and marital therapy for 30 years. She has been working remotely for the past 15 years, initially by phone and then by video therapy and chat. She works with relationships, adult children of alcoholics and other family of origin issues, depression, obsession and habit problems such as love addiction and sex addiction, anxiety disorders, difficult decisions, dealing with difficult people, long distance relationships, coming out, and many other issues. She is an integrative therapist, using different methods as required. Adults 18+ and couples. Her insurance covers all of Canada. Contact: email Beth’s gmail, beth.toronto. Beth Mares Counselling