Faces suggesting the wide variety of video therapy clients

Why we chose video

(These are not the real names of real people.)

Patricia: I live in Toronto, and there are psychologists’ offices my husband and I could walk to for marriage counselling. But someone would recognize us; he’s a public figure here. So when we decided it was time to remedy our neglect of our relationship I found a well-qualified psychotherapist who works online. It’s been really helpful. Saves time, too.

Darren: When I realized I needed to explore my sexual identity, I didn’t even consider going to the clinic here. The male counselor’s church says that homosexuality is a “sin”, and that’s probably as far as his expertise extends. I found a great online therapist, and with Skype video it was almost like being with him in his office.

Alan: I enjoy the long drive to my counsellor’s office, but the Northern Ontario winter now being upon us, I’m grateful that I can continue my work face to face by video.

Jill: I know it’s all supposed to be confidential, but I went to school with the gal who looks after the files in our clinic, and I wouldn’t count on it. So I opted for an online psychotherapist in faraway Toronto.

Susie: I tried working with two different psychologists before when I was depressed, but I just didn’t have the energy to get there and it petered out. This time I’m doing it by video, attending every session, and feeling encouraged instead of like it’s another failure. After two months I’m already feeling a lot better. Luckily my therapist’s office is in my area, so if I want to see her in person later on I’ll be able to.

Ryan: I love teaching in a small town, but when I started being bothered by intrusive thoughts I didn’t know what to do. They don’t have that kind of expertise here, and anyway I wouldn’t feel comfortable talking about it with someone whose kids attend my school or probably have done or will do. Luckily I found a suitably qualified psychotherapist available online. She was quickly able to help, and it’s a great relief to know that I can call on her again if I ever need to.